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Роберт Лямбке

Trade mark - is used to identify specific properties of goods or services and allow one to distinguish the goods from other manufacturers and is goes through specific registration. A trademark may consist of one or more specific words, letters, numbers, graphics, images, logos, monograms, signatures, colors or combination of colors, as well can be three-dimensional. It may also consist of a combination of the above elements.

The term "trademark" is practically equivalent to the concept of "logo" which is mostly used in our lives and business. The only difference between them is that, the trademark could have theoretically simple geometric figure or any other graphic symbol and the logo (aka " signature block") usually consists of brand name and company name.

Service mark - a trademark used to identify the goods but not the services. The term is similar to "trademark”,  differs from a trademark in that the mark is used on the advertising of the service rather than on the packaging or delivery of the service.

As a trademark can be registered with any color or color combination:

  • Verbal symbols (words, combinations of letters having a verbal nature, phrases and suggestions neologisms, newly invented words) (PlayStation, Sharp, Village House, Kodak, etc.)
  • Corporate slogan / tagline (Digitally Yours, Steer dream, paid taxes - sleep well, etc.)
  • Graphic notation (images of living creatures, objects, and other natural objects, as well as any form of figures, composition of lines , spots, figures in the plane) (Adidas Trefoil droplet Nike, three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz and others)
  • Combined notation (combinations of elements of different nature, visual, verbal, volume, etc.). These can be logos or labels of the products (Radio Maximum, McDonald's, Camel cigarettes label, etc.)
  • Volumetric notation (three-dimensional objects, shapes and combinations of lines, shapes) (original bottle, packaging, containers)
  • Other designations (auditory, visual, etc.)

The owner of trademark could be both physical and legal individual. However, the number of registered marks for an exact owner is not limited – he/she can have a series of trademarks.

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